Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival

The Integrity award, for an “artist or individual who has brought credibility and dignity to her work” was presented to composer, conductor, arranger, and performer Megan Cavallari.  Cavallari has won numerous awards including three ASCAPs and two Telly Awards, and scored more than 50 films, 25 television shows, 16 stage musicals, and countless songs and jingles, including music for the L.A. Kings.  She had one of the most prolific speeches of the evening.  Inher second grade class the kids were asked what they wanted to do when they grow up.  The boys said be rich. The girls said be Mommies.  She said “Leonard Bernstein.”  She was so upset by this, she went home and her mother told her to listen to herself and she did.  Cavallari stressed that there are only two percent of women composing in the industry and that needs to change.  She stated “women have a voice… and it is about time people listen.”  She went on further to talk about how distinctive women’s voices are and that what women have to say is important. “Creativity is the thing that sets us apart and sets us free.”  Cavallari should also be recognized for creating The Talk Foundation Project recording the observations of children with life threatening and chronic diseases. - Read more at http://www.artsbeatla.com/2017/03/latw/#sthash.7b7NgGlg.dpuf