• Megan is an AMAZING composer. She writes musical earworms like nobody else!
    — Richard Kraft
  • Megan Cavallari has taken my film to a whole new level with her musical talents. She has solved the musical riddle of several of my most challenging scenes. I can't imagine making another film without her involvement. I feel lucky to have met her.
    — Adrian Selkowitz, producer/director 'Sex Drugs Guns'
  • Megan Cavallari is, quite simply, fantastic. Her boundless enthusiasm, dedicated professionalism and magnetic positive energy make every project a joy. She moves easily between many musical genres, creating indelible melodies and exciting scores. She gives 110% to every assignment and interfaces equally well with corporate clients, musicians and collaborators to produce unforgettable music.
    — Amy Powers
  • Megan is a wonderful composer with the ability to meet tight deadlines and produce fantastic results.
    — Chuck Smith, Bento Box Entertainment
  • Megan was able to take a little punk film and make it legendary... Her innate talent and ability to get into the moment and convey them musically is pretty extreme. We were so lucky to have her as such an integral part of 'Triggerfish'.
    — Candi Clare, producer/writer/actor