Jonah Platt Directs Carrie Manolakos in Reading of IRENA by Megan Cavallari & Kait Kerrigan

Carrie Manolakos stars in the title role of this first-look benefit performance of IRENA, a new musical by Megan Cavallari (The Game, Hot Shoe Shuffle) and Kait Kerrigan (The Mad Ones, The Bad Years), directed by Jonah Platt (Dog Sees God) at Temple Emanuel Beverly Hills on January 26th (7pm) & 27th (1pm). Proceeds from the event will go toward the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust.

IRENA musicalizes the true story of Irena Sendler, a Polish social worker during World War II who rescued more than 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto and preserved their original identities in jars that she buried in her yard. Where others stood by in fear, Irena was compelled to risk her life, proving that there is nothing more powerful than a determined - and underestimated - woman. With a lush melodic score, IRENA is a timely story of feminism, radical empathy, and doing right in the face of unspeakable wrong. Irena's heroism earned her the title of "Righteous Among the Nations" by the Yad Vashem World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem, but her passion and rebellion are what make her a force to be reckoned with on the stage.

Carrie Manolakos (Wicked, Mamma Mia!) leads an all-star cast that includes Caitlin Ary(Westside, For the Record: Baz), Carly Bracco (Peter Pan, Grease Live), Laura Dickinson(three-time Grammy winner, Phineas & Ferb), Wilkie Ferguson (Motown, Porgy & Bess), Michael Scott Harris (Phantom of the Opera), Doug Kreeger (Les Miserables, For the Record: Love Actually), Ilysia Pierce (cantor at Temple for the Arts), Zak Resnick (Mamma Mia!, For the Record: Scorsese), Nick Sacks (Dear Evan Hansen, The Bad Years), Nickie Scates (Hair, Company), Hayley Shukiar (A Christmas Story Live, Dance Baby Dance), Bella Stine (Cartoon Network's Peanuts, Cucuy the Boogeyman), and Mitchell Wray (Finding Neverland). The event is stage managed by Amy Francis Schott & Sam Sherry.

The evening will be conducted by maestra Noreen Green (conductor of the LA Jewish Symphony), with Grammy Award-winning violinist Jeremy Cohen playing first chair with a live string quartet.

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'The Animal Show' joins Philly artists in showing nonhuman personhood

...Megan Cavallari has already reached many artistic milestones, having moved from her native Philly to Hollywood, where she makes her living as a film composer, and having gone vegan six years ago. She's worked with and learned from icons like Jerry Goldsmith and Danny Elfman (she was part of the team working on The Nightmare Before Christmas) and uses her mainstream paychecks to finance labor-of-love independents, such as an upcoming operetta / tone poem with a working title of "Three Pigs."

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Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival

The Integrity award, for an “artist or individual who has brought credibility and dignity to her work” was presented to composer, conductor, arranger, and performer Megan Cavallari.  Cavallari has won numerous awards including three ASCAPs and two Telly Awards, and scored more than 50 films, 25 television shows, 16 stage musicals, and countless songs and jingles, including music for the L.A. Kings.  She had one of the most prolific speeches of the evening.  Inher second grade class the kids were asked what they wanted to do when they grow up.  The boys said be rich. The girls said be Mommies.  She said “Leonard Bernstein.”  She was so upset by this, she went home and her mother told her to listen to herself and she did.  Cavallari stressed that there are only two percent of women composing in the industry and that needs to change.  She stated “women have a voice… and it is about time people listen.”  She went on further to talk about how distinctive women’s voices are and that what women have to say is important. “Creativity is the thing that sets us apart and sets us free.”  Cavallari should also be recognized for creating The Talk Foundation Project recording the observations of children with life threatening and chronic diseases. - Read more at


Megan to Discuss Raising Press Awareness for Non-profits

"Award-winning TV/film composer Megan Cavallari will be a featured panelist at the upcoming NonProfit and Communications and Media Networks Event: Share the Love for Nonprofit Collaborations on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 from 5-7pm.

"Cavallari founded The Talk Foundation, a non-profit that gives children and teenagers with life threatening illnesses the opportunity to express themselves through sound. Panelists will discuss how collaborations can be leveraged to make connections with the press to increase awareness of non-profit’s missions.  

"Cavallari has a knack for creating music that industry legend Richard Kraft called “amazing and earworm candy.” From film and television soundtracks to stage musicals to having composed music for the Los Angeles Kings, the Philadelphia native has managed to land at the top of her profession (despite the fact that less than 2% of all professional composers are females)."

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Megan to receive FAHF Humanitarian Award

The FAHF (Fashion & Arts Humanity Fete) Awards 2016, a production that shines the spotlight on creative Do-Gooders, will honor LA based TV/film composer Megan Cavallari for her humanitarian achievements on November 12, 2016 at the JBTV Studios in Chicago. Cavallari is the founder of The Talk Foundation which gives children and teenagers with chronic, serious, and life-threatening illnesses the opportunity to express themselves through recordings of their innermost thoughts and observations.

Honorees of the FAHF Humanitarian Awards are individuals who work in fashion, design, arts, music, technology, culinary arts, theater, media, literature, athletic, and other arts fields that use their talents and/or the arts to complete acts of kindness, volunteer, or to be humanitarians. 

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